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Alex Whitley

"Ms. Scott was assigned to be my biology teacher my 10th grade year at North Stanly High School. Ms. Scott not only displayed a love for the curriculum she would teach but, a love for the students that she taught. Ms. Scott motivated students to follow their dreams whether it was furthering education, or transitioning to the work force, or military. Personally, I have been blessed to take the tools that Ms. Scott provided in High School and complete a honorable term of service for the United States Air Force and transition into school to be a Law enforcement officer.

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Glasha G.

"My daughter Gabriyel and I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Scott on a science project. Ms. Scott is definitely all about helping students learn that science can be fun. My daughter was unsure about her science project and Ms. Scott was very patient and encouraged her to choose something she liked. She was very knowledgeable and kept Gabriyel engaged every step of the way. As Gabriyel's parent I seen a new love for science in her with Ms. Scott's help. Gabriyel won the Science Fair for her class! Thank you Ms. Scott for creating such a happy learning space"

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Micaiah Jones

My Experience with Ms. Scott was fun and the most supportive class I’ve ever been involved in! She makes sure you understand things and make sure you feel comfortable ! She doesn’t tolerate clowns lol but she not only is supportive about work but Also supportive if you need someone to talk to ! Ms. Scott has a very genuine heart when it comes to children she teaches and she makes them happy and never disappoints ! I promise this will be your best experience ever if anyone gets to work with her ! 


Tyniya Mitchell

I had Ms. Scott when I was in the 6th grade as an science teacher . I honestly loved her class I felt at home and that I could ask for help without anyone laughing or having anything to say . I loved when we used to add and subtract atoms because Ms. Scott made it easier and she didn’t get frustrated when we needed her to explain it more than three times . She’s an amazing teacher because she isn’t going to just let you slide with the bare minimum . , She’s gong to push you to be the best you can be and I love that !! I’m always going to cherish all the lessons she’s taught me and the time I had in her class 


Deion Jennings

It's me Deion!!! I was letting you know that I am enjoying high school and sometimes it can be a little bit challenging at most times and you definitely have to take it seriously. I also wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your class a lot when we did science labs, learning new things in science and also sometimes we tell jokes sometimes and full of laughter and I enjoy the music you played while we were working.


Syria Jackson

Ms. Scott has given me a lot of help and advice for a while whether I was stuck or just need a pep talk. Ms. Scott will be there to help you see what path God has for you . She’s one of the best mentors/educators. she doesn’t just help , she’s teaches you to understand . She’s been here for me majority of my school really going back to elementary and middle school she help me with most of my science projects she taught me different thesis and theories. I loved watching her and see how scientists works. It’s time for me to graduate now and I can say with the help of others and her they have motivated me to finish and to think bigger about what’s next in life . This is her purpose and passion in life 



Although I didn’t get to experience her academically, I had the pleasure of working next to Ms. Scott as a member of the dance team. As captain, she was very hard on me, but, she helped me to fully step into my role and make sure the team was prepared in time for our performances. She pushed us all to be the very best we could be. Ms. Scott is a very dedicated and hard working teacher and coach; she always puts her students first. She didn’t mind taking the extra time to help anyone that needed it, even if it meant staying after school. She is also a great confidant and gives the best advice when it comes to things even outside of school. Ms.Scott is one of the hardest working women that I know and I am glad to have been able to have her as a mentor.


Tashera McCoy

Miss Scott has not only mentored me, but has guided me for as long as I can remember. She’s always been a dependable factor in my life and plays a big role in shaping me into the person I am today. Whether it’s helping me with a science project or just lending an open ear, i’ve flourished in many ways thanks to her❤️