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About Us

Butterfly Imprints is dedicated to recreating life for students by increasing their exposure to STEM careers and opportunities to provide greater outcomes through ENDURANCE, CHANGE, & HOPE 

Children in Science Class


After-School Program

 Providing academic enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children. The program offers students evidence based resources to meet academic standards and offers students a broad array of enrichment activities to increase their exposure to STEM.  

Afterschool program will beginning August 29, 2022

Kindergarten - 6th grade students will receive:

  • Monday- Thursday

  • 200 hours Academic Tutoring

    • 1:1 and Small group

    • Includes 80 hours Social and Emotional learning

    • Enrichment opportunities

  • Meal/Snack afterschool


Registration opens July 11, 2022


 The Butterfly Imprints Program

Students focus on career and college readiness through participation in college tours, career exploration, test prep, financial literacy workshops, and entrepreneurship enrichment programs. and tutoring services, through the use of hybrid services.

The Imprint program to students in grades 7th-12th a college and career preparation which will includes:

  • 160 hours Academic Support/Tutoring on demand (virtual or In-person)

  • 20 hours College Test Prep

  • 12 College & 4 Career Tours

  • Life Skills workshops

    • Includes Financial Literacy & MORE

  • Entrepreneurship Course




Registration opens July 11, 2022

Individual services 

Academic Tutoring  $35 per hour

1:1 services, students will receive assistance reviewing classroom or curricula topics and assignments. Assisting students with homework, projects, test preparation, papers, research and other academic tasks.  


Out-patient Behavioral Health Services  $65 per session 

guiding a process that fosters social and emotional growth and educational development.


Goals and Objectives

Butterfly imprint recreates life for students by providing Tutoring, College and Career preparation, and Internship opportunities that will lead students into a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Entrepreneurship pathways.

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